Latte Art Throwdown

Latte Art Throwdown photo

Matter of Taste Coffee

Sep 19, 2016 at 06:30 PM

Join us for our Latte Art Throwdown part of Geek Week. Let your coffee geekiness shine through.  Participants please read the rules and formats.  We are looking for at least 16 competitors.

To compete, pre-register with Please indicate which category you want to enter: Free Pour or Etching or Both.  $5.00 for each category. Winner takes all.  Pay at the door.  We will provide cups (10oz), milk & coffee. For etching you have to bring your own tools.  Sign-In & Practice at 5:30pm. Competition starts at 6:30pm.

Latte Art Throw down Rules and Regulation

^ Great tasting coffee is nice, however points are based on the art only.

^ Names are picked out of a hat for each pair of competitors. They go head to head, winner advances to the next round.

^ Each competitor pulls their own shot, steams their own milk. If there is a technical issue, competitor should raise their hand. We’ll do a restart after the problem is fixed.

^ Only the cups on the judge’s table get scored.

^ If it looks good, it wins.

^ Time between competitor one and two can not be more than 30 sec or the first competitor wins automatically – this is to prevent the first competitor’s foam from going flat.

^ There is no re-do (except for when the MC says so).

^ Judge’s decisions are final – Only the MC can over rule.

How The Latte Art will be scored

^ Definition – contrast between light and dark.

^ Sharpness of the image.

^ Symmetry of the image.

^ Complexity of the image (up to Judges to decide).

^ Latte art is scored at the judge’s table, not the work station.

^ Side betting is independent to the main prize.

^ Have fun.