This is one of our signature roasts that you will often find on rotation on drip at the café. It is a dark roast that offers a unique light body and a smooth cup that is great to enjoy black.

The Flavour

The blend of the Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee allows for a sweet cup with a classic coffee finish. A hint of red apple and tropical fruit push forward from the Ethiopian making the cup crisp yet the Costa Rican transforms the cup nicely to a milk chocolate finish.

The Roast

This is a fast roast to the dark zone. I maintain the momentum thru first crack and push it to second crack, trying not to break down the cell structure of the bean.

Brewing Instructions

Brewing MethodCoffee to Water RatioCoffee DoseWater Grind*based on EK43Time Temperature
Drip1:2684-91g 2.2 liters 7, moderately coarse Depends on the machine 195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
French Press (2 Cup)1:1718-20g 300-350g11, very coarse 3:00-4:00195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Pour Over 1:1425-27g 350-400g 8-8.5, coarse 2:30-3:30195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Siphon1:1425-27g 350-400g7, moderately coarse 1:45-2:20195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Chemex 1:1545-50g700-750g 8-8.5, moderately coarse 5:00-6:00195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
EspressoVaries greatly 6.5-20g 21-42g1-2, very fine 20-35 seconds 185-204°F(85-96°C)
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