The location of the coop is in the heart of the growing areas in Huehue. There are no road to the farming areas, it is accessible using 4×4 trucks and takes about 2 hours to get down. The average farm size in the region is about 1 hectare.

All the coffee processed individually by each farmer and therefore sun dried in small batches one each farm. Every bit of flat spaces is used to dry the coffee, even the roof tops.

The Co-op is on a slightly north facing, meaning cool nights less sun. Coffee is fermented for longer periods of time ranging up to 48 hours.

Region: Huehuetanango. Organic certified

Process: Washed and fermented up to 48 hours

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache

The Roasting

This coffee is a medium density and one of the best looking Organic bean I’ve seen, with very low defect and almost no insect problem.

I was more aggressive with this coffee, charging it at a higher temperature however, I started to lower the energy a lot earlier in the roast to extend the drying cycle and giving this coffee a lot of air flow, finishing the roast about a minute or so after first crack.

The Flavour

At the cupping table, this coffee gives a sweet dried fruit, slight red grapes and fresh olive , molasses, clean cup and a sweet lingering finish.

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