This washed Kenya came from Gatomboya Factory near Karatina town in Nyeri county. A member of Barichu Cooperative society which consisted of more than an 1000 smallholder farmers. The coffee was fermented and washed in water.


The SL28 and SL34 variatles were well know for black current flavour and juiciness, and the ruiru11 produced a black tea like flavour. I want to preserve as much of these nuisances but also want to bring out a little more sweetness to the cup. I started the roast with a relatively high energy, trying to equalize the inside and outside of the beans, and not adding any energy till the coffee turned yellowish. I raised the energy by 2 bar, and gently push thru caramel to maintain the sweetness in the bean, adding enough airflow to keep a smoke free roasting environment, and stop just about 12% of development after 1st crack.


I had a very beautiful coffee at the cupping table. The late push of energy make sure there was not any grassy or under develop taste without loosing too much of the bright crisp note.

This coffee is best enjoy with a pour-over or Aero press methods.

V60 – Coffee-25g, water- 400g, EK43 set at 8.5. Total brew time: 3:15s

Aero-press – Coffee 14g, EK43 set at 7.5, Water #4 line, pre-infused 20s. Total brew time 3min

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