French Press – 350ml


Volume: 1000 ml/ 34 fl.oz.

French presses a.ka. cafetieres, coffee presses, or coffee plungers. French press is a simple way to brew a rich cup of coffee. Use the French press coffee maker with coarse ground coffee to extract maximum flavour without getting any of the coffee grounds into your cup. French presses can also be used as tea presses to prepare loose-leaf teas.

The GROSCHE MADRID (350ml) is a premium French press coffee maker. It has a dual filter system that allows you to brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea. It features a fine-crafted chrome housing, a durable and heatproof glass beaker is made of the highest quality pyrex glass. You can remove the glass beaker from the chrome housing for convenient and thorough washing.The MADRID’s art deco design is stylish and durable for use at home or for camping.