Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


100% Certified Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from Clydesdale Estate.


Certified Jamaican Blue from Clydesdale Estate, natural process coffee, and sun dried. 

Brewing Instructions

Famous for its exquisite balance of aroma, and body, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is widely considered the world’s finest. This year is especially unique, this is the first time we are able to secure two barrels of a naturally process Jamaican Blue Coffee. The coffee has a sweetness aroma with notes of floral, spicy and undertones presence of cocoa.

This Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is certified by the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authorities (JACRA) as 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Roasted in small batches for maximum freshness, this bag contains whole beans, medium roasted. 

For this coffee, we keep going back to the french press for that favourite cup. The dry aroma has a wonderful honey sweetness, notes of Indonesian cassia cinnamon, sweet, aromatic. The cup was, as expected, very smooth, nice compliment of cocoa, and warmth. Try using 15g of coffee to 250g of water with steeping time of 4mins.

In the pour over, the aromatic component of the cup got intensified, loosing a bit of body, and warmth, however, the clarity and complexity of the cup increased.  Try 14g of coffee to 250g of water, with grind setting just a bit coarser than that of drip coffee.

Bellow are some parameters that we found that can be used as a standard of measurement. Each coffee will required its own parameter that is specific to that coffee.


Brewing Method Coffee to Water Ratio Coffee Dose Water  Grind*based on EK43 Time  Temperature
Drip 1:26 84-91g  2.2 liters  7, moderately coarse  Depends on the machine  195-205°F (90.5-96°C)
French Press (2 Cup) 1:17 18-20g  300-350g 11, very coarse  3:00-4:00 195-205°F (90.5-96°C)
Pour Over  1:14 25-27g  350-400g  8-8.5, coarse  2:30-3:30 195-205°F (90.5-96°C)
Siphon 1:14 25-27g  350-400g 7, moderately coarse  1:45-2:20 195-205°F (90.5-96°C)
Chemex  1:15 45-50g 700-750g  8-8.5, moderately coarse  5:00-6:00 195-205°F (90.5-96°C)
Espresso Varies greatly  6.5-20g  21-42g 1-2, very fine  20-35 seconds  185-204°F (85-96°C)


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