Cup of Excellence – Nicaragua Las Casitas




Every now and then, we come across some truly exciting coffee that leave our taste buds all in awe.This year, we bring you a Nicaraguan coffee from the Cup of Excellence Series. We hope to showcase the dedication, and hard work that goes into cultivating such delightful coffees.

  • Farm Name:  Finca La Benidicion
  • Farmer:          Luis Alberto Balladarez Moncada
  • Score:            87 point
  • Program:       Nicaragua 2018
  • City:                Nueva Segovia
  • Flavour:         red wine, dried berries, mango,    green apple
  • Acidity:           complex, floral, juicy, maple syrup
  • Variety:          Pacamara
  • Processing:   Natural

Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition and auction for high quality coffees. The level of scrutiny that Cup of Excellence coffees undergo is unmatched anywhere in the specialty coffee industry. Since 1999, the Cup of Excellence (COE) program has set the standard for the increased premiums that farmers have been able to receive for their exemplary coffees. It continues to build a much more transparent infrastructure and gives farmers the tools needed to improve the economic model of their farms.