Vietnamese Style Coffee Brewer


Vietnamese Style Coffee Brewer. Elegant ceramic set, perfect for one serving.

A set contains a coffee filter and a matching coffee cup. Design and made especially for Vietnamese coffee.
This five piece set has two parts: the coffee filter (filter, pressure cap and a lid) and a coffee cup and a saucer.
It’s very easy to use and clean. The ceramic will maintain the heat of the water during the brewing process.

Instruction for Use
1. Add one – two tablespoon of ground coffee (7g-14gr) intot filter part. Then place the pressure cap on top of the coffee bed.
2. Put the filter on top of the coffee cup.
3. Pour in hot water (95-97C | 120ml). Close the top of the filter with the lid.
4. Coffee will dripped down to the cup until the filter is empty. When done flip the lid up and use it as a tray for the filter.
The coffee made this way tend to be strong. You can use any kind of coffee (grind for drip setting).  For some sweetness,  add condensed milk to the coffee!