When you come into Matter of Taste and enjoy a creamy cappuccino or a smooth americano, you will experiencing this signature espresso roast. Using a blend of Ethiopian, Costa Rican, and Brazilian coffee allows for a cup that is light in body but also robust enough to hold up against the milk and foam of a latte.

The Flavour

The three different coffees in this blend all contribute to an interesting and delicious shot of espresso. You will enjoy a chocolatey impression with fruity notes of plum and date. The sweetness of this cup comes from a caramelized molasses tone that lingers throughout.

The Roast – Slow and Steady

I want to help open up the structure of the bean, maintaining some sugar sweetness, and adding that buttery texture mouthfeel at the end. This is a post blend process, where each component was roasted to it own perfection and recombined after roasting. The Brazilian beans gives the coffee structure, and Costa Rican beans give it that great mouthfeel, while the Ethiopian beans offer that sweetness and intricate acidity.

Brewing Instructions

This would be a great coffee to choose if you are looking for something to try on your at-home espresso machine, but also works in different brewing methods as well. Try it on a Moka pot or an Aeropress if your are looking to mimic an espresso-like coffee or try it on your home drip machine for a well-rounded and smooth cup.

Brewing MethodCoffee to Water RatioCoffee DoseWater Grind*based on EK43Time Temperature
Drip1:2684-91g 2.2 liters 7, moderately coarse Depends on the machine 195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
French Press (2 Cup)1:1718-20g 300-350g11, very coarse 3:00-4:00195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Pour Over 1:1425-27g 350-400g 8-8.5, coarse 2:30-3:30195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Siphon1:1425-27g 350-400g7, moderately coarse 1:45-2:20195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Chemex 1:1545-50g700-750g 8-8.5, moderately coarse 5:00-6:00195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
EspressoVaries greatly 6.5-20g 21-42g1-2, very fine 20-35 seconds 185-204°F(85-96°C)

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