Continental Dark


400g bag


This is our darkest roast. Great for those who love that ‘pick me up’ coffee taste. 

Tasting Note

Visually, the coffee is fully developed, shiny from the oil sipping out onto the surface which is common in a dark roast. First impression is full of flavour and a kick with bitter chocolate up front. As the coffee cool, it retains the same flavour as when it was hot. It is great with or without dairy.


Brewing Instructions


Brewing Method Coffee to Water Ratio Coffee Dose Water  Grind*based on EK43 Time  Temperature
Drip 1:26 84-91g  2.2 liters  7, moderately coarse  Depends on the machine  195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
French Press (2 Cup) 1:17 18-20g  300-350g 11, very coarse  3:00-4:00 195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Pour Over  1:14 25-27g  350-400g  8-8.5, coarse  2:30-3:30 195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Siphon 1:14 25-27g  350-400g 7, moderately coarse  1:45-2:20 195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Chemex  1:15 45-50g 700-750g  8-8.5, moderately coarse  5:00-6:00 195-205°F(90.5-96°C)
Espresso Varies greatly  6.5-20g  21-42g 1-2, very fine  20-35 seconds  185-204°F(85-96°C)