Jamaican Blue Mountain

Now Available (in whole beans)

This year, our Jamaican Blue came from Clysdale Farm in Jamaica.

Clydesdale Farm in Jamaica is one of the five farms that are certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaican (CIB) as the famous Blue Mountain coffee. It is located in a corner of the world where modern conveniences sit quietly amid unspoiled terrain. Flavoured by the ultimate combination of ideal altitude, mineral rich soil, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight, the berry grown in the Blue Mountains take longer than others to mature. More time allow for rich flavour and aroma to develop.

Roasting and Flavour Profile:

This coffee from was exceptionally clean and large, required a high amount of energy at the beginning of the roast, and ample of momentum and time to thoroughly develop the bean interior. My first attempt produced a slight grassy taste and very imbalanced cup. I decided to push the roast further into medium – full city – roast. This produced a much smoother cup, with lot of characteristic of Moroccan Spice – cardamom, cinnamon, clove, black pepper.


With a coffee that showcase so much spices and creamy texture. French press would be my go to choice of coffee maker, and if you have access to siphon, this coffee would sing. Smoothness and full of punch and character – the spice notes came out in full force, with roasted cardamom and black pepper being at the front end and creaminess full body linger.

French Press – Grind: EK43#9 – coarse, 1:17 ratio with a 50 second bloom time, for total brew time of 3:30mins.

Siphon – Grind EK43#7 – Water #3 marker. Bloom time 30sec, draw time 30sec. Total time 2min 15sec.